Here goes nothing…

Hello All! My name is Nicole, but I also go by Niki, hence the website. I am a new graduate nurse working in San Diego, CA. The exact hospital shall remain anonymous for privacy reasons at this time. 🙂 I have completed my MSN as a second degree after changing gears from Biology. SOO many people have asked me what made me change my mind, and the answer varies slightly depending on when you ask me, but mostly it has to do with a few key points…

  1. I didn’t want to spend so much time in school to become a doctor (yes I was sort of premed)
  2. I wanted more patient interaction with the same patients during the day (this is not to say physicians and nurse practitioners and other practitioners don’t spend individualized time with their patient’s, I am simply saying that I wanted to spend my 12 hours with up to 5 patients for that shift, as opposed to practitioners  who can see over 20 patients a day).
  3. While I spent a lot of time in my labs and enjoyed that time, I definitely am NOT someone that is built to be cooped up in one area for more than short bursts of time. (I just am terrible at sitting still, which is a great thing for being a nurse!)

So that’s a little run down on me, I would love any feedback anyone has (Please be nice, but constructive is helpful), and please feel free to let me know what types of things you would like to hear about from me!


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