Things in my Pocket


As a brand new baby student nurse, I definitely struggled with what was necessary to have with me in my pockets on the floor. In the beginning I had WAY too much stuff in my pockets and was walking around looking like I was lumpy in all the wrong places. With time and experience I was able to narrow down what I needed to carry in my pockets.

In the beginning I had…

  1. my stethoscope (MDF)
  2. several pens (at least 3 black, 1 red)
  3. a highlighter
  4. a Sharpie
  5. scissors
  6. 2 pen lights (incase the batteries of one died)
  7. alcohol wipes
  8. a notebook, pocket-sized
  9. a granola bar incase I needed a snack while running around
  10. and 2 brains, incase I messed one up so bad I wanted to start over (HA! as if I ever had time for that)

I tend to chuckle now thinking back at the brand new nervous student nurse me, I didn’t even drink coffee at that point in time!

Now I have really narrowed down what I carry in my pockets…

  1. 1, 4-colored pen (red, black, blue and green)
  2. 1 Sharpie
  3. 1 penlight
  4. my stethoscope around my neck
  5. pocket small scissors
  6. alcohol wipes
  7. my brain…on one sheet, not 1 sheet per patient, and the brain differs depending on the unit I am on.

I also highly recommend having a cargo pocket on your pants, but I will expand on that in a future post.

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