Interacting with Other Healthcare Providers


So I had an interaction with a physician the other day, and my clinical coach and I had very different reactions to the situation that prompted me to write this blog today.

So first of a little back ground, its 0730, everyone is finishing report, and I happen to get a phone call about a critical lab value for a patient. Our policy states that any new critical lab value requires we notify the physician within 30 minutes, so my clinical coach happened to notice the physician was on the floor and told me just to walk in and let him know, but be mindful it is the beginning of his shift just like us so he may be a little disoriented as to what patient it is we are discussing. So not to my shock I walk in to inform him of a critical level and he is a bit gruff and does not want to hear much of what I have to say, and after expressing to him that this is our hospital policy, I have to report this within a half hour, he informs me that this is not necessary and proceeds to ignore me further after scolding me for doing my job. At this point I am not so upset, as I almost anticipated it, but then my clinical coach was much more upset and had hoped there would be more teaching involved instead of just a scolding for doing my job properly.

Later as I am giving medications to a patient, we are called to rounds with the doctor. She agrees to go as we have previously discussed what is needed of the doctor, and allow me to complete my medication pass. When I return to the nurses station to complete more charting, I am met by my clinical coach saying the doctor wanted to speak with me, and that she had mentioned to him that she did not appreciate what had been said to a “new graduate” that morning.

As I walk into the room where the physicians may sit to do their dictations, I find that the physician that I had met that morning was much calmer and more relaxed, apologized and went over the plan of care with me for the patient.


Something that we are taught in nursing school, well its almost drilled in to our heads at the point of graduation is to not take things personally. This is something that I bring to my practice every day, and as I try to approach every situation with a fresh set of eyes. Doctors not only are doctors, but they are human as well and are privy to emotions and stress just as everyone else. Treating everyone you work with, with respect and dignity is just part of the job, as is work in any service related industry. This mentality aids in the ability for many disciplines to work in harmony.

Anyone have a story about a fellow healthcare provider, good or bad? Or perhaps a patient or family member of a patient? Please feel free to leave your stories in the comments!



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