My Favorite Shoes

This post is going to be a little less emotionally charged, but I wanted to talk about my favorite shoes and why they are my favorites.

I wear Dansko clogs. Yeah yeah I know they cost an arm and a leg, but they absolutely save my back after a long day of standing. Initially in nursing school I had one of the sexiest white pairs of Danskos. They put quite a bit of pressure on top of my foot, but the sales clerk assured me that they would stretch over time. They made my back feel so much better than another pair of shoes I decided it would be worth it to stick it out and see how they stretched out. My white pair unfortunately never stretched out to the point of being comfortable. I decided on a whim to buy a black pair on ebay that had been lightly used just to test to see if there was a difference. I saw an IMMEDIATE difference. The shoes although a size smaller than the white ones I purchased fit much better over the top of my foot and stretched to my foot rather than being stiff and painful like my white pair.

Courtesy of the Dansko website. I did not take this photo, this is just a representation of the shoes I purchased.

Once I graduated nursing school I decided to buy myself a new pair, so I could start my nursing career with a fresh feeling. When I went to try the shoes on, I tried a pair and told the sales woman they felt a little snug, she told me to try a different pair in the same size as they can vary slightly from pair to pair and boy am I glad that I did! This pair fits perfectly and have stretched to fit the shape of my foot beautifully. They give me the support I need throughout my shift so my back doesn’t hurt and although my feet are sore at the end of my shift, they are not as sore as when I would wear other shoes. All in all for me they are worth the investment, just make sure you get a pair that initially fit correctly.

Sorry for such a long post about shoes, but as a professional that spends up to 12 hours on her feet, shoes are rather important 🙂


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