Hey all!

I am currently in the process of packing as I am moving. The list of never ending things that need to be done, seems to grow ever longer as time goes on. Sorry this post may be a bit tedious, you have been forewarned.

It is amazing the amount of junk you can accumulate in a little over a year, I think I have already thrown several bags of recyclables away, and donated several bags of things I no longer use or need. As I go through my belongings to decide what needs to be taken, given away, or thrown away, I can not help but be a little nostalgic as I look at all of my possessions and analyze their worth.

Another one of those strange items when moving everyone seems to forget about are boxes. I have accumulated a number of totes that I can move with, that I love because I can then use them as storage later, but they are not enough to move all of my belongings. So I have started saving boxes from packages I receive. The other night I was lucky enough to find 2 large UHaul boxes that were still unused propped next to the recycle bin. YAY! What a great find, I tend to be cheap about things I am not going to be able to reuse so I really didn’t want to spend money on boxes of all things.


Excuse the mess, moving is not a neat process when I am involved (not that anything is, my surroundings tend to look very much like my brain, CHAOS with an element of organization only I understand). I am both excited and nervous about what the future holds, especially since I am traveling to the other end of California and starting a new. I have high hopes that this is the right thing to do at the present time in my life.

Not only is moving exciting, but it can be bitter sweet, leaving behind all you’ve built, friends, jobs, a chunk of your life, to start afresh and in a new place all over again. I am definitely going to miss the connections I have made here, but will visit again, and of course will welcome any visitors :).

Any tips you guys would like to share about moving? Leave them in the comments, I may do an after on things I would do differently!

Until next time!


One thought on “Moving

  1. I am so happy for you Niki. You are making the right move. What a fantastic opportunity to start fresh somewhere else. You will make new strong bonds with new friends not to say you will forget you old ones. I remember leaving friends and family behind coming here from Sweden. Best thing I could have ever done for myself even though I miss my family and close.friends from back home. But today is so much easier to keep in touch than when I made my move in 89. You are going to have an amazing time and you deserve all the happiness in the world❤

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