Leaving My First Job

Hey All!

I am writing this post more directed to nursing, but I think that a lot of the ideas that I will be sharing in this post apply to all areas of work. I am going to write about how quitting my first job went for me.

I will be the first to admit I DREADED this. I was afraid of the reaction I would receive, I was nervous I would say something wrong, and I was anxious about leaving the warm, loving, supportive environment I had grown so familiar to for something different. But this is how we grow, by throwing ourselves into the scary abyss and seeing what results.

I remember feeling OK walking into the building, I remember feeling fine in the elevator, but one I stepped of that elevator, my whole body felt a sense of dread wash over. I am definitely one of those people that doesn’t like confrontation or uncomfortable conversations (Yes yes, I know I am a nurse and I have these with patients everyday, but this just felt different). So I took a moment and composed myself, and did what I do best, walked into my managers office and just did what I needed to do. I was polite and direct and kept it brief, I didn’t ramble on and talk about all of the reasons etc, I just said I was leaving for personal reasons and that I appreciated the opportunity and left it at that. We had a very brief conversation, and that was the end of it.

I had built it up so much in my head that it was almost embarrassing. Definitely sounds like something I would do though.

Telling my coworkers was my next step, this was less daunting to me, but I still felt bad as they had become like family to me as any good nursing unit is. People were of course sad to see me go, but wished me luck and totally understood my need/want to move and progress and explore my options now while I was not as tied down.

I hope this didn’t sound too ranty, but hey it was more of a feelings post. Anyone have a scenario they would like to share, or a topic they would like to hear about? Just leave a comment 🙂


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