Castles and Wine

So here we are again, a month later and I am ready again to post. This time however I find myself having too many things to write about so I might write a couple and release them a couple weeks apart. 🙂

It is probably about a month ago now that we decided to go to wine country one beautiful sunny Sunday in April. Napa or any wine country for that matter is something that I feel is always beautiful and serene no matter what time of year you go. We however could not have asked for a better day in April to spend a day Napa/St Helena.

Our first stop was Castello di Amarosa, which was a winery that was built to mimic a castle in Europe. It has a great barrel room and is fun for all ages, there were children and elderly people in at the same time. The barrel room was the cavernous room that had this authentic rustic feel that is difficult to duplicate. There were many excellent red wines and I would highly recommend going if nothing else to see it, its definitely not something to be missed. IMG_6283

The next place was Peju, a ways down the road and they had an excellent white! The feel of this place was entirely different, it was open and light and airy feeling warm and sunny. At this point we were so relaxed we barely made it through a tasting and then headed home.

In between the two wineries went to a cute little place V Sattui  and had some really good BBQ and sat outside in the warm sun. Working night shift doesn’t allow for much time spent in the sun, so I was soaking it all up and enjoying the warm breezy sunshine.

I definitely didn’t take enough pictures, I was so busy enjoying the day, but I am not even sure I would be able to capture the enjoyment in pictures. It was a great day filled with great friends and great fun, and I look forward to spending more time exploring the area!

Until next time


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