August was a really big month for me/us as it is 1. my birthday month, yay for me, but 2. and a little more importantly, we got engaged! That’s right your girl is off the market, not that she ever really was all over it, but its official now (well as of August 2017).

Since I am sure everyone is curious, by the amount of times I had to tell and retell this story I will go ahead and write how it happened. Feel free to skip the next few paragraphs if you’re not interested. Of note, that ring is way too big for my finger in the photo hence the weird hand pose.

Here goes…

I had been in a class all day for work, but really now in hindsight it began the night before. I was getting ready for the next day, and was going to wear the dress in the photo, but last second was deciding if I should wear something more comfortable. With a little coaxing from E he managed to convince me that I wouldn’t be cold and it would be comfortable to sit in the dress. So I wore it. I was headed back from my class a little early, and E and I were going to meet his parents in Petaluma where they had driven up for a camping trip.

We needed to get gas first, so E was driving a little fast and jerkily and I told him to slow down whats the rush (which in hindsight was nerves I’m sure). A radio ad came on the station we were listening to, as we were cruising through the city, for engagement rings and I reminded E that there already existed a family heirloom and not to buy a ring as a half joke. After leaving the gas station there was a conversation that E had with his parents saying “they would be late, they hit a lot of traffic”. He suggested that we stop off just after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and take some pictures since we never do that. I agreed and since I wanted to be better about having photos of the two of us was a little excited about being able to get these photos. After seeing all the people that were up there on a Friday evening, I suggested to Ethan that we just turn around and try another time. He was adamant saying no there are spaces to park at the top and that the view was worth it. Since we were in no hurry I just sat back and waited for him to find a spot.

After we parked and walked over and took a couple selfies overlooking the city and Golden Gate Bridge, we took in the view.


E lingered for just a second longer than he normally would have, since he doesn’t sit still very well, and I had a gut feeling something was up. As I started to turn around to return to the car, he knelt down on one knee and produced a small wooden box with the date painted on the lid. Lo and behold there was the family heirloom in a box that I had mentioned less than an hour beforehand. As I said “of course” (E loves to remind me of this fact that it wasn’t just a yes, but an of course) a car drove by and we could hear the screech of the woman in the passenger seat and her look of excitement as she passed, making us both laugh.

In the car I called my parents and little did I know that there was another secret brewing. As we arrived at the camp ground, I had to use the facilities so I was told to just use the ones in the trailer, but to walk through the bedroom as the other door was broken. I opened the door and almost immediately shut it again because I saw a couple laying on the bed, only to realize that it was my parents. The very same parents I had just called and claimed that they were at Stonehaus in Ventura county.

So there you have it. It’s definitely a story I don’t mind retelling many times.

Of course later that month I celebrated my birthday in late August, and got lovely cards and gifts from friends and family. Here is a picture of E sitting on one he got me.


Look at that handsome guy. Very flattering pose, very comfortable. Excuse the messy background, this was before we moved, which I will post about later. We kept my birthday low key this year since we had another big event just a week or so beforehand.


Of course we can’t forget lovable Ozzie the cat, doing his cat thing. I am pretty sure he had just brought back his ball to be thrown again for fetch. Yes, my cat does play fetch and loves it.

Drop a comment below to let me know what you would like to hear about or elaborate more on.

Until next time!


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