Getting Hitched

Here we are again, trying to start this up again. I remember how much I enjoy it when I am running out of steam from lack of self-care. Anyway…

For those of you who don’t know…

In October I got MARRIED, at a beautiful ceremony in Southern California with our closest friends and family. We tried to keep the whole thing small, but when your family is as large as mine, small is a relative term. We had about 120 guests (definitely just typed 210 and had anxiety looking at that number ;)) and I couldn’t have imagined having any more people than that. Even that number seemed large when you try to say hello and thank you to everyone for coming. Even though I spent all day getting ready and partying the day still felt like it flew by.


We started our day bright and early at the Drybar in Westlake Village and had our hair done. *Tangent alert* I cannot imagine anything better than a good scalp massage and someone playing with your hair. Sitting under the hot water and with someone who has professional moves with massaging your scalp. HEAVEN!


But I digress. Everyone was so nice and professional and when we walked out of there we looked like a million bucks.

We then brunched at Stonehaus, a local wine bar that serves breakfast and coffee in the morning. My nerves prevented me from eating much, which says a lot if you know me at all. Food is one the things I live for! Ethan has a running joke that every time we go to get a meal, I am more excited for the food than I ever am to see him. Three bites of oatmeal that morning was my limit.


Then we ended up at Gittan’s house where she did my makeup and then we all took over her house, which she graciously allowed us to do and use every mirror in her house to finish makeup for everyone else. From there we all drove to the venue and arrived 5 minutes EARLY. Who knew 6 women getting ready for an event/wedding could show up early for anything? Suck on that stereotypes.


The day could not have been more perfect. The sky was a beautiful Southern California blue without a cloud in the sky. It wasn’t too hot as Moorpark weather can be that time of year. The weather cooperated beautifully and had a light breeze making our photos beautiful. I got those back a few months ago and still cannot believe how gorgeous they are.


The whole ceremony flew by and I still can’t believe how much of a blur, that still is. It was hilarious and entertaining. Shout out to Bo who married us, I could not have asked for a more perfect ceremony. Then the reception, with all those lovely speeches and heartfelt words and words of wisdom from our loved ones, was one for the books. Then partying into the wee hours of the night with our reception and after party.





I had never stayed at a 4 Seasons, but let me tell you it did NOT disappoint. I was surprised by the décor, but the beds were incredibly soft, and to be able to sit in a tub that would submerge both my knees and boobs at the same time! What a treat. #tallpeopleproblems. Am I right? I have got to figure out what those beds are made of because it feels like sleeping on a cloud. The sheets are magnificent and the beds are just the right amount of support that I don’t think I moved at all during the course of the night. True sweet sleep after all the excitement.

Special shout out to Bo, who married us; Kimberlee, who was our wonderful photographer; Michele, who coordinated everything; Command Performance catering for the wonderful food and service; Frost It Cakery for the desserts; Lei-Ann at Happy Flowers for the amazing decor; Elegant Event Entertainment for our sound, music, photo booth, and general entertainment. Words can not describe how grateful we are and THANK YOU just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Drop your thoughts in the comments



Photographer:;                                                                    DJ/Photobooth:                                                            Venue:            Catering:                                                                                Desserts:                                                                        Makeup/skincare:                                                              Wedding coordinator/Day of coordinator Michele Spring:

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