Hey all!

I am currently in the process of packing as I am moving. The list of never ending things that need to be done, seems to grow ever longer as time goes on. Sorry this post may be a bit tedious, you have been forewarned.

It is amazing the amount of junk you can accumulate in a little over a year, I think I have already thrown several bags of recyclables away, and donated several bags of things I no longer use or need. As I go through my belongings to decide what needs to be taken, given away, or thrown away, I can not help but be a little nostalgic as I look at all of my possessions and analyze their worth.

Another one of those strange items when moving everyone seems to forget about are boxes. I have accumulated a number of totes that I can move with, that I love because I can then use them as storage later, but they are not enough to move all of my belongings. So I have started saving boxes from packages I receive. The other night I was lucky enough to find 2 large UHaul boxes that were still unused propped next to the recycle bin. YAY! What a great find, I tend to be cheap about things I am not going to be able to reuse so I really didn’t want to spend money on boxes of all things.


Excuse the mess, moving is not a neat process when I am involved (not that anything is, my surroundings tend to look very much like my brain, CHAOS with an element of organization only I understand). I am both excited and nervous about what the future holds, especially since I am traveling to the other end of California and starting a new. I have high hopes that this is the right thing to do at the present time in my life.

Not only is moving exciting, but it can be bitter sweet, leaving behind all you’ve built, friends, jobs, a chunk of your life, to start afresh and in a new place all over again. I am definitely going to miss the connections I have made here, but will visit again, and of course will welcome any visitors :).

Any tips you guys would like to share about moving? Leave them in the comments, I may do an after on things I would do differently!

Until next time!




So I was feeling creative, and decided that I wanted to paint something festive for the holiday! Halloween has not been a favorite holiday of mine lately, but it is starting to grow on me again.

As I child I remember getting dressed up and spending a fun-filled evening with some of my best friends and eating way too much sugar. Trading candy in large piles on the floor in the entry way is one of the most vivid memories I have of this time. My least favorite being those icky almond joys…but I digress.

Here is the painting that I decided to copy from an image I found online, I do think it turned out fairly nicely, and is something I feel is nice and festive.


The yellow pumpkin didn’t turn out exactly as desired, but I did like the overall look of what resulted!


Also it is getting to be that time of year where we think about gifts and holidays and people we love. Arbonne has some pretty great products that are out just for the holiday season, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you are curious about finding out more!

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That Crazy Night Shift

Hello All!

I have recently switched back to night shift (as I previously stated in my other post, into higher acuity the PCU), and I totally loving it oddly enough. It is definitely hard on your body, but I think being on a great unit with great people helps! I have completed my “preceptor days” and am now working on my own in this unit. Classes start tomorrow for extra education and training and there is a lot to learn, but I am definitely excited for the challenge. I feel like just in the last 4 short weeks I have learned and grown so much in my role, but have only touched the tip of the ice berg!

I think that my hardest challenge so far has been switching from computer to paper charting, there is no charting by exception when you have to write your assessment down by hand.

Anyway back to the night shift thing, I gave up my coveted day position and returned to the land of the night, and I can honestly say I am not looking back. It’s been about a month and I truly am ok with working nights, occasionally its more difficult to make plans with the day walkers, and get errands done, but in the overall scheme of things it isn’t so different from the day time its just perpetually dark. Definitely need to make sure to take a Vitamin D supplement as last time I was on night shift I fell into the deficient levels and was told by my doctor that I needed to supplement.

I thought it would be difficult to stay awake and that my system would hate switching back, but I think that my body tends to do slightly better with a night shift schedule as I am SUPER not a morning person (Those 5am wake up calls for me were brutal). Now that I work night shift, I have to plan seeing my family and friends more, but the pay is a bit better so it sort of evens out in the end.

If you have any comments or suggestions on current or ideas for future posts, post them in the comments!

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Long Overdue

Sooooo Hello everyone,

I have been in a lot of transition, so I apologize for not having posted anything for a couple of months. (Shame on me), but now that things have settled down some, hopefully I am going to get back on track. I’ve been moving around in my job, and taking on new hobbies, which I will address in the lifestyle section of this blog since I know some of you readers are just interested in the nursing part of this.

First things first, I am no longer a new graduate nurse. YAY! I graduated into being in the scary position to do things on my own. I was moved to an NOST (Neuro/Ortho/Surgical/Truama) unit on day shift and stayed there just over a month. We saw all kinds of people, but a lot of them were traumatic falls, voluntary joint replacements, or car accidents. Then I was offered the opportunity to go to PCU (Progressive Care) on night shift, and after about 20 minutes of deliberation decided the night shift was worth that jump, and let me tell you its only been about a week, but I am so much happier and love the unit and people that I am working with! As it has been one of my goals all along to go to higher acuity care, this was definitely the right  move, and the people are amazing.

Part 2, My 1 and only sister and her fiancee are moving to wait for it… JAPAN. Not like up the coast or anything, but half way across the world to Okinawa, Japan. I am excited for her to get to move to a cool new place (and for the excuse of a vacation to Japan 😉 ) I know selfish, but gonna take advantage while shes there. I’m both sad and excited to see her go, but I know it will be good for them and they’re going to have so much fun. She has been thinking about maybe starting a blog for her adventures so if she ever  does get on top of that I will post her link in one of my future posts 🙂

Back to the nursing part of things. I have quite a bit of further education to complete before I am to be on my own in the PCU, drips, medication titration, and EKG classes to name a few. It feels good to feel like I am learning more again and like I am feeling challenged.

Until next time, post what you would like to hear more about in the comments!



New District Manager!

Hey All!

I am excited to post on here that I am a new district manager for Arbonne! Yay! It has definitely been a journey, and I am surprised at the amount of learning and growth I have done just since beginning 3 short months ago. Perseverance and hard work are both key factors here, but also having a great support network and a great product to promote help.

Arbonne logo

I am also excited that I have a new consultant under me within Arbonne! I have a strong feeling she will do great things and go far with Arbonne, and this is just the beginning of the team! If anyone is interested in hearing more contact me and I’ll send you a link or a text or something. 😉 (shameless plug I know, but hey I have to interject it otherwise I would be doing myself a disservice).

I am surprised at how much I have grown as a person, and how much more comfortable I am being myself. It is very freeing when you start realizing you can do anything and that it doesn’t matter what other people think, only what you think of yourself.

Something I love about this business is that you can totally fit it into your life. I work full time as an RN and am able to fit it in on my days off, and while I am doing things that I would normally do during my days off! As strange as it is it doesn’t feel like work, it just feels like promotion of products you already like!

On a separate but related note, I wanted to give myself a little push as I was feeling a little down the middle of this month, and went to drive a Mercedes. Now I had never driven one and have told myself I am not buying a new car until I have earned my Arbonne Mercedes (yes, Arbonne helps get you into a Mercedes once  you reach Regional Vice President). Boy was I in for a treat, I had no idea what I was in for and I fell in love so now I am more determined than ever to get that Mercedes and the fact that I get to help people in order to get there just sweetens the pot. Obviously I am not in this for the car, I am in this more to educate on products I believe in, but the perks definitely don’t hurt.


I can’t even begin to put into words my excitement for my new promotion and how I am confident that my little team will grow and flourish!

Until next time!


Please note that these photos are pulled from google image searches.

Lunching in La Jolla

The other day I had a lovely lunch with my sister who I see not nearly enough. As she will be moving soon, we are really trying to make more of an effort to get together and do things.

This time it happened to be lunch at The Crab Catcher in La Jolla. With those beautiful views overlooking the water and some excellent food, it was the perfect place to have a nice relaxing lunch and catch up. With food and drink that was to die for, we left feeling very happy relaxed and satisfied.

Hello Crabby Mary


Then we wandered over to this adorable coffee ship that is a little bit hidden, but none the less one of my favorite places that I have found for coffee so far. Elixir is one of those cute little coffee shops where they make pretty designs in your latte and have adorable little pastries. Where we sat for just a short while and chatted some more before calling it a day to go back home.


All in all I would say it was a great day and loved spending time with my sister!


Crazy Days

Oh man!

So the other day I had one of the craziest days I have ever had. I even stayed behind for an extra hour because I had to finish my charting (something I’ve never done before). I must admit that despite being such a ridiculous day and feeling like i just fell behind on everything I actually kind of liked being able to deliver more patient care. We as nurses and healthcare members are so bogged down by all of the charting that we need to do, that I think our patient care suffers unfortunately. I would love to spend a half hour just chatting with my patients and getting to know them better.

I feel like there is so much that is lost by having the ability taken from us to talk to patients. There is something therapeutic to have someone devote their full attention to what you have to say, even if it is only for a few minutes.

If we could find an efficient electronic medical record that would allow us to quickly chart an assessment, wouldn’t that allow us to get back to whats really important? Our patients and their care.


Thoughts? This post took a bit of a different turn than I was expecting…