Fab Fit Fun Box, Again

So a couple of weeks ago I received my second box from Fabfitfun, and really enjoyed this one as well! It was definitely different from the first box, but each unique in their own way.

This box allowed me to customize the box to a certain point, which was nice that I was able to customize my box to my liking within the allowed items. I was able to chose the type of jewelry I received, one of three shades of the lip kit I received, and the color of the roundie that was in the box.


In this box I received a blue tie-dye roundie, hair skin and nail gummies, 2 skin care products, a leave in conditioner, a makeup/utility bag, jewelry, nail polish, and a lip set.

I have used some of the products thus far, and have liked all of them so far. I am already very happy with my skin care regimen (thank you Arbonne), but I love the nail polish, such chic ivory and light pink colors, and the vitamins really were more of a daily treat than something I needed to take as a daily chore. The earrings were very cute and prefect for everyday wear or a night on the town.

What I would love to see in the next box, is less makeup and skin care, and more work out and life style items that can be reused. I would love to see some yoga items or work out gear.

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So I was feeling creative, and decided that I wanted to paint something festive for the holiday! Halloween has not been a favorite holiday of mine lately, but it is starting to grow on me again.

As I child I remember getting dressed up and spending a fun-filled evening with some of my best friends and eating way too much sugar. Trading candy in large piles on the floor in the entry way is one of the most vivid memories I have of this time. My least favorite being those icky almond joys…but I digress.

Here is the painting that I decided to copy from an image I found online, I do think it turned out fairly nicely, and is something I feel is nice and festive.


The yellow pumpkin didn’t turn out exactly as desired, but I did like the overall look of what resulted!


Also it is getting to be that time of year where we think about gifts and holidays and people we love. Arbonne has some pretty great products that are out just for the holiday season, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you are curious about finding out more!

Until next time


New District Manager!

Hey All!

I am excited to post on here that I am a new district manager for Arbonne! Yay! It has definitely been a journey, and I am surprised at the amount of learning and growth I have done just since beginning 3 short months ago. Perseverance and hard work are both key factors here, but also having a great support network and a great product to promote help.

Arbonne logo

I am also excited that I have a new consultant under me within Arbonne! I have a strong feeling she will do great things and go far with Arbonne, and this is just the beginning of the team! If anyone is interested in hearing more contact me and I’ll send you a link or a text or something. 😉 (shameless plug I know, but hey I have to interject it otherwise I would be doing myself a disservice).

I am surprised at how much I have grown as a person, and how much more comfortable I am being myself. It is very freeing when you start realizing you can do anything and that it doesn’t matter what other people think, only what you think of yourself.

Something I love about this business is that you can totally fit it into your life. I work full time as an RN and am able to fit it in on my days off, and while I am doing things that I would normally do during my days off! As strange as it is it doesn’t feel like work, it just feels like promotion of products you already like!

On a separate but related note, I wanted to give myself a little push as I was feeling a little down the middle of this month, and went to drive a Mercedes. Now I had never driven one and have told myself I am not buying a new car until I have earned my Arbonne Mercedes (yes, Arbonne helps get you into a Mercedes once  you reach Regional Vice President). Boy was I in for a treat, I had no idea what I was in for and I fell in love so now I am more determined than ever to get that Mercedes and the fact that I get to help people in order to get there just sweetens the pot. Obviously I am not in this for the car, I am in this more to educate on products I believe in, but the perks definitely don’t hurt.


I can’t even begin to put into words my excitement for my new promotion and how I am confident that my little team will grow and flourish!

Until next time!


Please note that these photos are pulled from google image searches.

Flip Flopping

No I don’t mean like the shoe… 🙂

Hey all!

So as you may know, I’m a nurse (duh) but I recently switched back to a day shift. Some of you are probably thinking HOORAY! that must be awesome for you, and while I mostly would have to agree with you, there were some initial bumps in the road for me.

The first day of switching back was met with some initial anxiety because I remember how helpless and frazzled I felt those initial 10 weeks I was working day shift as a brand new nurse. However, my first day back I felt it went a lot more smoothly, and I seemed to have a much better grasp of what was going on as a whole with patient care and how the hospital works as a system.

One of the issues I feel that I ran into was after that first day I was completely wiped out. Despite being on a “real people schedule” I was so tired I slept most of the next day and then slept that night! Talk about feeling like a crazy person. After that I seem to have pretty effectively switched back to a day shift cycle. I however have also noticed that I am having more of a constant low grade headache. This I think has more to do with my decreased caffeine intake (1 Fizz stick vs 2, Thank you Arbonne for the awesome caffeine) The caffeine source is great, but my personal choice to have less of an intake I think resulted in a little bit of withdrawal headaches. Oops… my bad.

As with anything that changes in your life, there needs to be a grace period for adjustment, and sometimes that adjustment is just a little more difficult than you anticipated.

Anyone had difficulty with transitioning? I know there are some of you out there that are on a constant rotation. How do you deal? Any tips and tricks for the rest of us?

Please feel free to leave them in the comments 🙂



PS here is a cup of coffee that I enjoyed in the midmorning 🙂


Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra Device


So the GTC or global training conference was this past weekend in Las Vegas. While I was unable to attend this year (trust me I will be in attendance next year), my upline was very helpful in giving me information about new products, I will post other entries about the rest of the products, but I thought that this device deserved its own post.


It’s called the Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra device. It’s a device that is going to revolutionize the delivery of skin care products! I have not used the device myself, but I have seen the pictures of before and afters and the results look amazing! I can not wait until I get mine in June to test it out for myself.

If anyone is interested in hearing more about this incredible device or preordering one, please let me know.