Castles and Wine

So here we are again, a month later and I am ready again to post. This time however I find myself having too many things to write about so I might write a couple and release them a couple weeks apart. 🙂

It is probably about a month ago now that we decided to go to wine country one beautiful sunny Sunday in April. Napa or any wine country for that matter is something that I feel is always beautiful and serene no matter what time of year you go. We however could not have asked for a better day in April to spend a day Napa/St Helena.

Our first stop was Castello di Amarosa, which was a winery that was built to mimic a castle in Europe. It has a great barrel room and is fun for all ages, there were children and elderly people in at the same time. The barrel room was the cavernous room that had this authentic rustic feel that is difficult to duplicate. There were many excellent red wines and I would highly recommend going if nothing else to see it, its definitely not something to be missed. IMG_6283

The next place was Peju, a ways down the road and they had an excellent white! The feel of this place was entirely different, it was open and light and airy feeling warm and sunny. At this point we were so relaxed we barely made it through a tasting and then headed home.

In between the two wineries went to a cute little place V Sattui  and had some really good BBQ and sat outside in the warm sun. Working night shift doesn’t allow for much time spent in the sun, so I was soaking it all up and enjoying the warm breezy sunshine.

I definitely didn’t take enough pictures, I was so busy enjoying the day, but I am not even sure I would be able to capture the enjoyment in pictures. It was a great day filled with great friends and great fun, and I look forward to spending more time exploring the area!

Until next time



Fab Fit Fun Box, Again

So a couple of weeks ago I received my second box from Fabfitfun, and really enjoyed this one as well! It was definitely different from the first box, but each unique in their own way.

This box allowed me to customize the box to a certain point, which was nice that I was able to customize my box to my liking within the allowed items. I was able to chose the type of jewelry I received, one of three shades of the lip kit I received, and the color of the roundie that was in the box.


In this box I received a blue tie-dye roundie, hair skin and nail gummies, 2 skin care products, a leave in conditioner, a makeup/utility bag, jewelry, nail polish, and a lip set.

I have used some of the products thus far, and have liked all of them so far. I am already very happy with my skin care regimen (thank you Arbonne), but I love the nail polish, such chic ivory and light pink colors, and the vitamins really were more of a daily treat than something I needed to take as a daily chore. The earrings were very cute and prefect for everyday wear or a night on the town.

What I would love to see in the next box, is less makeup and skin care, and more work out and life style items that can be reused. I would love to see some yoga items or work out gear.

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Resurgence of Anxiety

Hello All,

So this is kind of both a life post and a nursing post, but i have been having a lot more anxiety lately. I think there are several factors that play into this, but I definitely noticed an increase.

I thought maybe it was (those who don’t appreciate lady talk avert your eyes) where I was in my cycle, but after several days of feeling melancholy, I felt like I needed to something more. After having now settled in somewhat to my new surroundings, I have come to the conclusion that I need to do some more self care.

One of the first things that my supervisor told me when I started working on my new unit was to take my time to settle into the unit before taking on anything extra. She said to find a mentor or a coworker that you connect with that you can ask questions or feel comfortable talking to. So now that I feel I have been able to do this, I felt like it was time to put some effort back into me, so what better day than Valentine’s Day.

As I lay in bed after a lovely dinner cooked by Ethan (salmon and veggies yum!) and some beautiful gifts (hello Tiffany bracelet…


and some lovely smelling candles)


we watched some TV. As we were laying in bed, Ethan snoozing away, and myself awake watching TV, I found that I was feeling amped up and starting to feel that edgy feeling coming on of just wanting to jump out of my skin.

SOOOO being 1:30am I decided naturally that it was time to hop on the treadmill. It had been WAY too long since I had done that, so I only lasted about 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes really helped take the edge off and help me get over that hump of wanting to jump out of my skin.

I now remember the importance of self care, especially in nursing. I need to make sure to take time to care for myself so I can care for others. What is your favorite form of self care? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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So after seeing all of these posts about this quarterly box, I have decided to break down and give it a shot.


…And let me tell you I absolutely am glad that I did. I love the stuff that came in the box, and while I don’t need the beauty products, it was nice to see some variants in there. It felt a little bit like opening gifts on Christmas Eve (Christmas morning to those of you that don’t open gifts last thing before you go to bed the night before). I mean just look at it! It looks like a party in a box.

I love the scarf that it came with and necklace I put on and haven’t taken off since I got it. I tend to be bad at jewelry anyway so having something that simple and pretty is nice to have, and was a nice addition to the one I already wear, despite the fact that one is silver and one is gold 🙂 oops. Whatever I like it so I’m ok with that. The to go mug goes without saying, I love having it, its easy to bring with me on the train or even to use around the house to help keep my tea warm. That’s just how I roll. Not sure I’ll use the coloring books soon, but I definitely have purchased coloring books, so it is likely I will use them in the future.

So many other good products in there, but those were some of my favorites!

For those interested in trying, here is a link from me to you and I believe it gives you $10 off.

Leave me a note or little message in the comments!

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Jump Start

So on Monday I started a cleanse, to try and jumpstart myself back into healthy eating, and boy let me tell you the first day was killer. I felt hungry a lot, but now that the week has progressed, I am getting used to the new routine and am not feeling like I am starving all the time. I am actually starting to feel like I have some more energy, but its still somewhat of a struggle since I am on night shift, and that throws off the schedule a little bit.

I have been eating the meals they provide and they are very yummy,  I am pleasantly surprised and a little inspired by all of these new recipes to want to cook more. The last one I made was a pasta dish with tomatoes, veggies, and turkey, and a spice that I hardly ever cook with and never honestly thought much of, cumin. This dish was so good i would totally make it again.


I hope this is able to start me on a schedule that is headed in the right direction, and I will share my thoughts about this cleanse I am trying out.

Until next time


New hobby

Hi All! Hopefully I can figure out how to make this work so there isn’t too much doubling up and I put the correct posts in the correct places so please bear with me as I navigate this, and let me know if things are going awry as I may not be aware. 🙂

I have taken up a new hobby, watercolors, and we will see how that pans out, so far not so good. The colors are beautiful! My artistic capabilities are a whole other ball game. I am sure with time and practice they will improve, and I might post a picture of them here and there (such as the one today as a visual aid because I love pictures as I am very visual), but for now I will keep the rest of those lovely paintings to myself. 😉


I was inspired to start painting because I realized that I needed something to do other than nursing and binge watching Netflix, and Amazon Prime.