Fab Fit Fun Box, Again

So a couple of weeks ago I received my second box from Fabfitfun, and really enjoyed this one as well! It was definitely different from the first box, but each unique in their own way.

This box allowed me to customize the box to a certain point, which was nice that I was able to customize my box to my liking within the allowed items. I was able to chose the type of jewelry I received, one of three shades of the lip kit I received, and the color of the roundie that was in the box.


In this box I received a blue tie-dye roundie, hair skin and nail gummies, 2 skin care products, a leave in conditioner, a makeup/utility bag, jewelry, nail polish, and a lip set.

I have used some of the products thus far, and have liked all of them so far. I am already very happy with my skin care regimen (thank you Arbonne), but I love the nail polish, such chic ivory and light pink colors, and the vitamins really were more of a daily treat than something I needed to take as a daily chore. The earrings were very cute and prefect for everyday wear or a night on the town.

What I would love to see in the next box, is less makeup and skin care, and more work out and life style items that can be reused. I would love to see some yoga items or work out gear.

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Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra Device


So the GTC or global training conference was this past weekend in Las Vegas. While I was unable to attend this year (trust me I will be in attendance next year), my upline was very helpful in giving me information about new products, I will post other entries about the rest of the products, but I thought that this device deserved its own post.


It’s called the Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra device. It’s a device that is going to revolutionize the delivery of skin care products! I have not used the device myself, but I have seen the pictures of before and afters and the results look amazing! I can not wait until I get mine in June to test it out for myself.

If anyone is interested in hearing more about this incredible device or preordering one, please let me know.





Hi All!

So I have embarked on a new journey of selling Arbonne products. I never ever thought I would attempt to do something like this, but hey there is a first time for everything! I started their detox about 2 weeks ago, and feel so much better already! My mind is clearer, I have more energy, and I know that I am eating better as a result.


I have always been a little bit skeptical about this kind of thing, but I am now aware that I shouldn’t have been. I have had quite a bit of anxiety prior to this detox, and I feel better already, and although I have not seen my skin clear up yet, I can tell that something is going on (as they often say with skin, its going to get worse before it gets better). My skin had some minor break outs where I already had problem areas, which I am starting to see resolve.

On another side note, I have also begun using their skin care products. I know this might be a contributing factor as well, but I really like all of them, especially their moisturizers with sun screens. I have always had an issue with having a moisturizer with SPF in it feel too heavy on my skin and like it left an oily residue behind, which this one does not.

As time progresses I will post again to continue to give my feedback on the products that they have!

Here is the link to my website incase any of you are interested in learning more, and feel free to contact me before deciding as there is better pricing as a preferred client and as a consultant.


Or search NicoleĀ Cummings’,Ā IndependentĀ ArbonneĀ Consultant on Facebook.

Hope you find these products as interesting and likable as I do!



Image pulled from google image search