Snow Adventures

Hey Everyone!

Last weekend we made a trip to the snow! It had been so long since I had been to the snow I wasn’t even sure I remembered how to ski! But alas, as with many other skills it’s much like riding a bike, as soon as you get back on them, you’re good to go :).

Firstly we decided to rent a car, and after much research decided to give Turo a try. It’s like airbnb but for cars and ended up with a Range Rover with AWD that costed less than it would have to rent a smaller car with an agency/company. Currently I drive a small 4 door sedan which while great in the city, probably less great in the snow ;).


We decided to Airbnb, which was a great idea and I highly recommend the location we stayed, the interior was very cute and very cozy for a weekend get away. It was also so close to everything we could have wanted and was close to Heavenly, the resort we had decided to ski/board at.


Getting out into that fresh mountain air and playing in the fresh snow was something that I love doing and have not done for so long I forgot how much I love it. Now that I live in such close proximity I think it is likely that I will make it a priority to go more than one a year! Even if it is just to play in the snow for a day.


Excuse my squinting, definitely forgot my sunglasses, but remembered the sunscreen.

Ethan has a long time friend who we decided to go with and he brought a friend with him. All in all a great group of people and when deciding to go play in the snow, having a great group of people makes things all that much more fun.


Lesson learned however that if we are going to go to a well known resort, we need to get there early, and potentially even think about renting our equipment a day earlier. While getting the equipment at the resort was convenient in that it didn’t need to be lugged there or back, it took a very long time as the lines were long and there were limited number of people who could help out to get you on your way.

That being said I would DEFINITELY recommend this resort, there were so many different options and everyone was very friendly and helpful. That and the fact that there had been so much rain and snow this year made conditions in Lake Tahoe excellent.

Was just the refreshing little break I needed from the hectic day to day life to recuperate and get back to the grind.

Until next time!




Hello Everyone!

If you know me at all, I am not sure exactly who is reading these blogs, you know I am in a long distance relationship. I reside currently in San Diego, and he is currently in San Fransisco. So there is no hopping in the car after I’ve had a bad day to drive a few hours to see him, thats either a 9 hour drive, or a plane ride.

SO as a consequence I have been doing a lot of flying lately, I go up at least once every other month, and he comes down to me the other months. It has been working out acceptably, but I am not going to say that it has been easy, it takes a different kind of effort to make something like that work, and there are a lot more missed connections it feels like. You also cant just walk over and be like ‘hey lets do this’ because you have limited time together and most of the time we end up planning to do way more things than we actually have time for or end up doing.

Many people ask me if its worth it, but to me of course it is, otherwise I wouldn’t be putting in so much effort.